Clear and Simple Stamps | Ombre Vibes - Good Vibes Only - Stamp of the Month

Clear and Simple Stamps | Ombre Vibes - Good Vibes Only - Stamp of the Month

Have you earned your free stamp of the month “Good Vibes Only” yet? You only have a few days left to place an order and receive the July Stamp of the Month freebie set. We used the Good Vibes Only stamp to create a set of Ombré note cards. You’ll love how easy it is to layer ink for a fun way to add color to your sentiments.

Clear and Simple Stamps | Good Vibes Only - Stamp of the Month

Gather up a few of your favorite CSS Hybrid Ink pads in a similar color family, so that you can create a pretty gradient of ombré color. We started by inking the stamp in the lightest of the three ink colors. Next we lightly dabbed the middle shade of ink on the bottom 2/3rds of the stamp, and finally inking the bottom in the darkest ink color. Read more

Clear and Simple Stamps | Good Vibes Only - Stamp of the Month

We are all about sharing good vibes, and this month’s inaugural Stamp of the Month is a reflection of just that – Good Vibes Only! Enjoy this stamp free with any purchase during the month of July. We’ll caution, that a limited supply are available and we will only offer these while supplies last. So […]


Style Watch {Girl’s Night Out}

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret…a “Beauty Secret” if you will…but you’ve got to promise not to tell! Ok? I have a secret stash of nail polishes that I keep on hand for last minute birthday gifts! It’s the best way to make sure you have a little something for the birthday girl.

You see, I am notorious for missing people’s birthdays, so I keep my secret stash on hand for last minute gifts that I can package up for the recipient. What girl doesn’t love a funky shade of polish?! When it comes time to package up my little gift, though, I’m always in a mad dash to create a gift tag. Well, as you’ll see from today’s project, the newest Clear and Simple Stamps sets have remedied this problem.

With a few die cut tags and some of the cute images from Beauty Secrets, Beauty Secrets II, as well as a couple of perfectly coordinating CSS sets, I was able to make a handful of girly gift tags that are just waiting for me to use!
Take a look and hopefully you’ll be inspired to make a handful of your own… Read more


Outlines are in. Especially in makeup with lip liners and eyeliners to add dimension. And definitely in papercrafting to create a great use of negative space. Outlines of images are a fun way to dress up a card for a lovely day… Read more


Style Watch {Girl’s Night Out}

I have a confession to make…I am a sucker for the whole “Free Makeup Bag with Purchase.” The result is an entire drawer dedicated to cosmetic bags filled with sample-sized products! Even with my surplus of bags, after seeing this month’s release I thought it would be fun to design and make my own cosmetic bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could complete the project for just a few cents!

Now, it’s no secret that sewing is not my forte. I’ve recently mastered the “straight” line (using “straight” in the most liberal sense!). With that said, this is a project that ANYONE can tackle! The Beauty Secrets and Beauty Secrets II stamp sets offers a ton of images that are just ideal for designing an ultra-cute, customized bag. This is a project that you will NOT want to miss. It’s simple and makes the perfect gift for a girlfriend, or even yourself. I’m sure I can squeeze just one more cute bag into that drawer…

Read more


Since we are talking nails this week, we thought it would be fun to package up some of those cute nail decals.  These little decals are perfect for gift bag treats for a kids spa day.  What little beauty queen wouldn’t want to tear into this package to get to her nail bling… Read more


Style Watch {Girl’s Night Out}

Last week, I shared a set of handmade invitations perfect for a Girl’s Night party! Now, if you’re gonna have a Girl’s Night party…you’d better have some sassy party favors, right? It’s no secret that I have a minor obsession with party favors. Little gifts that are cutely packaged make me swooooon! And today, I’m sharing what may very possibly be my Number 1. Most. Favorite. Favor. Ever… Read more


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, but every now and again it’s fun to get a makeover. And today the design team has been challenged to makeover a card project. Each designer will showcase a before and after of a project. Taking their cards from plain Jane to super glamorous in an instant… Read more