Make an impression and leave your mark with this embossing and watermark ink.

Clear and Simple Stamps | Starry Gable on blog

Clear and Simple Stamps | Starry Gable on blogShine bright. Reach for the stars. Be a superstar…all things you say to your little ones as they head out the door and off to school in the mornings. Yes indeed the kiddos are officially back in school, well at least they are in Maryland. So we headed into the CSS Studio and started crafting up a fun favor idea to share with you that is sure to set the tone for a star-studded school year! Read more

Clear and Simple Stamps | Rosé Cocktail Cards

Clear and Simple Stamps | Rosé Cocktail Cards

Hip hip hooray for a little Rosé! That’s been our mantra around here all summer long, and we have to admit we really love a good Rosé. Well what’s not to love?  It has a pretty pink color, gives off a sweet taste and smell, not to mention the fun bubbly effervescents – it’s a perfect summer treat for grown ups. Hey, adulting is hard! We need a little reprieve every now and again – we just happen to take ours with pink bubbles.

Read more

Clear and Simple Stamps | Gilded Edges and Pretty Plaid

Clear and Simple Stamps | Gilded Edges and Pretty PlaidWe have this thing with gold embossing – we love it! We. Love. It. Now pair pretty gold embossing with a rich, classic True Blue Fan color and we are over the top excited. If that is not enough, throw in some plaid patterns and well…it’s pretty much a party on paper!

Our supplies for this fun project are fairly simple. A ruler, a gold Sharpie, patterned paper, and our favorite A4 Envie Liner die. We are going to make pretty plaid envelope liners that are super easy and fun to alter to meet your needs.

Clear and Simple Stamps | Gilded Edges and Pretty Plaid Supply ListWe love to stamp our own patterns but sometimes it’s easier to grab papers you may already have on hand.  A lot of times we find that the papers aren’t quite exactly what we were looking for, so we usually end up altering them just a bit to make them work for us.

Take this plaid for example. Simple pattern, nice rich colors…but a bit dull.  We decided to dress it up by adding gold stripes into the mix with a simple gold Sharpie marker. What a huge difference a few lines of gold can make to this A4 liner.

Clear and Simple Stamps | Gilded Edges and Pretty Plaid How-ToSince our envie liner has quite a striking pattern, we wanted to keep the card simple. We’re loving the Edgers Collection featured in the Monday Merry Markdowns so we grabbed our Border: Edge 3 Combo for creating beautifully gilded gold borders on our card front. Love that the combo sets include both the stamps and coordinating dies for these pretty edge designs.

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Clear and Simple Stamps | Gilded Edges and Pretty PlaidWe stamped a border above and below, leaving space for a sentiment in N-00 | From an Anonymous Source ink – perfect for watermarking and embossing, to heat emboss with gold embossing powder.

Now is the time to get a jump start on building up your stash of thank you cards. These simple gilded gold edged notes are a great way to get ahead of the holidays and prep your Thank You cards in advance…

Clear and Simple Stamps | Gilded Edges and Pretty Plaid

Shop this project [here] and add the Edgers Collection to your cart while supplies last. You’ll be creating beautiful gilded edged stationery in no time!


Clear and Simple Stamps | Handmade Goodness

Clear and Simple Stamps | Handmade GoodnessIt’s that coffee and crafting hour of the day. Well let’s face it, any hour of the day would be great for gathering up your supplies and making something creative – especially when it involves coffee and crafty friends.

Welcome your guests into your craft room with an inviting cup of coffee served in a hand-stamped Beverage Cup as they arrive. Provide a stamped stir stick and a marker for each guest to write their names and claim their cup of coffee. Never underestimate the little stamps in a stamp set.  We adore this tiny “this belongs to” sentiment from Craft Edition for so many reasons – stamped stir sticks is just one of them!

Clear and Simple Stamps | Handmade Goodness - Custom Beverage CupsWe grabbed a mix of stamps to create a fun scene “straight outta my stamp room” – papers, pens, ribbons oh my! We love combining sets to stretch our stash of stamps and our Hobby line of stamps work beautifully together. With a little bit of masking and some coloring our scene came together for a fun, modern crafty invitation.

Did someone say masking? This technique is still one of our all time top five favorite techniques. For this project we focused on turning the scrapbook paper in the image from Craft Room into a patterned sheet of designer paper using a Craft Edition sentiment, “Create. Post. Share. Repeat.”, which is perfect for makers.

Clear and Simple Stamps | Handmade Goodness - Masking TechniqueWith a plan in mind we set out in stages how we would mask off the project:

  1. Stamp the image onto a card panel in N-02 | Perfect Little Black Dress ink.
  2. Stamp image again onto masking paper. (TIP: sticky note paper is a great alternative)
  3. Trim the supply images slightly inside of the stamped outline. This will make sure that the image stamped over the mask will meet the original image without any gaps – it will create a more seamless look.
  4. Adhere masks to the image stamped on the card panel and also mask the entire area outside of the cardstock image with sticky notes to protect the area.
  5. Stamp the sentiment in GY-02 | I Steel Got It ink repeatedly to fill in the space with a text background pattern. Then remove all the masks to reveal an updated look to the stamped image.

Clear and Simple Stamps | Handmade Goodness - Masking TechniqueFrom there, the card falls into place relatively quickly. Simply color the images with markers, and stamp your sentiment from Brewed to Go in N-02 | Perfect Little Black Dress ink. Isn’t that saying just the cutest? Let’s drink coffee and create stuff – who could resist?! And of course we had to add a coffee cup image from the Morning Brew: Coffee stamp set to help complete the scene. With the coordinating Coffee Cup die, we stamped, colored, and added a to go style coffee cup to the card panel.

Now let’s be honest, we’ve all done it and it only takes one time to spill a cup of coffee (or any beverage for that matter) all over your work space to know that coffee and crafting can also be a bit dangerous. Our only suggestion is to rest your cup far away from your papers – we’d hate for you to learn the hard way like we did!

Clear and Simple Stamps | Handmade Goodness

Host a day filled with coffee and creativity. Shop this project [here] to get started…

Clear and Simple Stamps | Stamping Patterned Envie Liners

Clear and Simple Stamps | Stamping Patterned Envie LinersJust when you thought stationery couldn’t get any cuter, along comes the Cute as a Bug Collection! Typically you think of using your stamps to create a specially crafted card, but this time we are using them to make fun patterns and dress up envelopes.

We paired our Cute as a Bug Collection with our A4 Envie Liners to stamp up fun designs for a playful surprise. Each A4 Envie Liner was die cut from our A Blanc Check gift wrap, to create a light weight liner for inside the envelopes.

Here is a look into how each style came together so you can create a fun set of Cute as a Bug Envie Liners of your own:


We love that these little snails are all headed in the same direction in an orderly fashion. Your eye follows their movement across the envie liner as they deliver your snail mail!

Clear and Simple Stamps | Stamping Patterned Envie LinersFollow these simple steps to create a Walk the Line liner:

  1. Die cut an A4 Envie from A Blanc Check Gift Wrap.
  2. Draw horizontal lines with a pencil and ruler.
    • (TIP: we measured the size of the stamp, then drew the lines to match the size for equal spacing between rows.)
  3. Stamp rows of snails in Perfect Little Black Dress ink.
  4. Erase lines, and color with markers.
  5. Adhere liner to color coordinating A4 Envelope.


Polka dots are a classic and timeless pattern that every designer has in their toolbox. For these envies, we created with a fun play on a traditional design element repeating the sentiment circle as a polka dot pattern.

Clear and Simple Stamps | Stamping Polka Dot Patterned Envie LinersFollow these simple steps to create a Polka Dot Fun liner:

  1. Die cut an A4 Envie from A Blanc Check Gift Wrap.
  2. Draw grid with pencil and ruler.
  3. Stamp circle sentiment using CSS Hybrid Ink onto grid to fill liner.
  4. Erase grid lines.
  5. Adhere liner to color coordinating A4 Envelope.


We went for a bit of free flowing fun with this random pattern of ladybug cuteness. By stamping in a mix of directions, these little darlings are scattered throughout the liner like cute bits of confetti.

Clear and Simple Stamps | Stamping Patterned Envie LinersFollow these simple steps to create a Ladybug Confetti liner:

  1. Die cut an A4 Envie from A Blanc Check Gift Wrap.
  2. Stamp ladybug image onto liner in Perfect Little Black Dress ink in a random pattern.
  3. Fill in any empty spaces with more stamped ladybug images.
  4. Color images with markers.
  5. Adhere liner to color coordinating A4 Envelope.

Check out more projects and be inspired by the Cute as a Bug Collection in our guidebook [here].

Clear and Simple Stamps | Stamping Patterned Envie Liners

Want to create your own custom envelopes? Shop our full collection of envelopes [here] for an assortment of colors, and dies to create your own.


Clear and Simple Stamps | Stationery Trends: Gems

Clear and Simple Stamps | Stationery Trends: Gems

Stationery is one of our first loves! We’re bringing a new series to the blog that will share creative ways to incorporate popular styles into DIY stationery. What better trend to kick things off than the new Gemstone Collection?!

Gems are all the rage, and can truly never go out of style.  When is the last time you said “no, thanks” and opted out of receiving diamonds because they weren’t on trend? Um, how about never! Gems are always in style – diamonds, rubies, emeralds…pretty much all bling is welcomed, especially when cutely crafted as stationery.

We were inspired by the new Gemstone Collection for our first take on creating fun Stationery Trends. Since gems generally appear in the form of jewelry, we grabbed a few pieces of costume jewelry and got right to work. Read more

Clear and Simple Stamps: Matchstick Cookie Favors

Clear and Simple Stamps: Matchstick Cookie Favors

We are on fire with excitement for this super cute project. Pretty sure the calories from this one are manageable and almost guilt free – almost! But really who can resist these matchstick cookies? They’ve got all the right ingredients for a perfect Valentine’s Day treat: sweet, punny, miniature, and just plain cute. We love that our Party Favor 16 (matchbox/book) can hold a nice variety of treats and favors.

We started with a simple shortbread recipe. We wanted a cookie that would hold up well to being cut so thin. Pretty sure gingerbread cookies could also work here, we may have to give those a try come holiday season.

Clear and Simple Stamps: Matchstick Cookie Favors

The dipping of the matchstick is by far the fun part.  With the huge selection of candy melts and food coloring at your disposal you can create matchsticks to color coordinate with any event. Just remember, a little shortbread goes a long way…

Clear and Simple Stamps: Matchstick Cookie Favors


Click [here] to shop this project and get started creating your own “Love Struck” cookie matchstick favors. We want to see you get fired up and give this project a try –  tag your photos #CWL2015 and/or #csscraftathon


Gift giving is an art. And it’s one that we are constantly adding new ideas to our collection of packaging possibilities. We’ve shared a few bags, tags, and gift cards in our Post Holiday Round-Up…and couldn’t resist sharing crafty gift box ideas for fun favors!

Life is like a box of chocolates…but life is a lot better when that box of chocolates is creatively handmade with a few Clear and Simple Stamps crafty supplies. Amber Kemp-Gerstel is sharing her creatively sweet project that is perfect for Valentine’s Day gifting.

We’ve all seen those heart-shaped chocolate gift boxes but they seem so impersonal. By creating your own box, you can add a personalized touch and fill it with homemade goodies.

With a few creative cuts of the Heart Doily die and a little Simple Adhesive, you can assemble a beautiful gift box that recipients will keep long after the candies have been eaten up. Join me at Damask Love for a tutorial on how-to make this heart-shaped box of chocolates on your own!

Are you loving this Heart Doily turned favor box as much as we do? We are completely smitten with this fun packaging idea!

CARDSTOCK: I’m a Princess Pink, Golden Tiara, A Blanc Check | INK: Golden Tiara | DIES: Heart Doily, Tags 1, Bow Trio: Mini | STAMPS: Trendy Tags | OTHER: Simple Adhesive, Paper Filler, Chocolates


We are a fan of color. Especially pretty pops of color, and two-tone gift boxes are a great way to have fun with color. For our two-tone boxes we chose A Blanc Check (white) as our first color and then varied the second color for each box to range in VIP Purple, I’m a Princess Pink, and Trendsetter Blue.

For these packages we used Party Favor 2, which comes with a die for the base and (2) die options for lids. Here we used only the base to create a slightly deeper box. In addition, we stamped diagonal stripes in color for a bit of added detail.

We wanted to make sure our lines matched up on the corners, so we used handy dandy sticky notes to create a guide.

HOW-TO: (1) We essentially masked off the base, with only the area we wanted to stamp showing. (2) We stamped the Designer Lines background on a diagonal in color across the open area. (3) Carefully rotate the sticky note mask to the next side panel. (4) Use the stamped off lines on the sticky notes as a guide for your next set of diagonal line stamping. (5) Repeat on all sides. (6) Remove sticky note mask and assemble using Simple Adhesive

We give a hint on the outside packaging of the popcorn treats waiting inside with an adorable popcorn kernel image raised up on the Mini Label Tag. Inside we filled our 3″ Flat Bottom Clear Candy Bags with popcorn and added a stamped Wrappers label with the File It: Kits and File It: Stationery sets. If you love packaging favors and treats like we do the File It Series is truly a must have! You will be amazed at all the different ways you can dress up projects.

CARDSTOCK: I’m a Princess Pink, Trendsetter Blue, VIP Purple, A Blanc Check | INK: Perfect Little Black Dress, I’m a Princess Pink, Trendsetter Blue, VIP Purple | DIES: Wrappers, Party Favor 2, Shapes: Hearts Combo, Mini Label Tags | STAMPS: Bucket-o-Popcorn, File It: Kits, File It: Stationery, All Wrapped Up, Taglines: Little Critters (tiny heart) | OTHER: 3″ Flat Bottom Clear Candy Bags, Natural Cotton Twine, Foam Tape, Simple Adhesive, Popcorn, Copics


Growing up we looked forward to seasonal candy. Halloween is candy corn, Christmas gives a nod to all things peppermint, and Valentine’s brings those adorably sweet, candy, conversation hearts. As a kid, we didn’t care how these assortment of sweets were delivered – just as long as we got the chance to eat as much of them as possible!

Now that we are “a little” older, we still love them…more so for looks than for the taste, and couldn’t wait to create our own version of packaging for gifting this sweet Valentine’s Day treat.

Party Favor 6 did all the heavy lifting. Once die cut, we simply die cut a heart from the back panel, which now serves as the front of the box. We did this so that the back flap would not show. Instead on the back we stamped a “to/from” image so that these favor boxes can also double as valentines!

We stamped the sentiment “heart candy” and heat embossed it in gold for a clean, modern design. The favor box was was assembled with Simple Adhesive, and a mini tag with a stamped sentiment was added with Gold/White Twine. The set All Wrapped up is

CARDSTOCK: A Blanc Check | INK: Perfect Little Black Dress, From an Anonymous Source | DIES: Party Favor 6, Mini Label Tags, Shapes: Hearts Combo, Doily | STAMPS: Trendy Tags, All Wrapped Up, Snack Bar, Sweet Sentiments: Holidays | OTHER: Gold/White Twine, Gold Embossing Power, Conversation Heart Candy, Clear Acetate, Simple Adhesive


Are you feeling the LOVE? What Valentine’s Day crafts are you making?
Tag your projects #clearandsimplestamps so we can find and share your CSS projects…


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 Looking for even more inspiration?

Download the CSS Daily Papercrafting App 2.0.1 available on iTunes

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This is an occasion to Cherish! Each and every year we dedicate the month of December to you, our customer, to express our gratitude that you choose to do business with Clear and Simple Stamps. As we enter into the holiday season and get ready to venture into a new year, we truly Cherish you being part of this amazing journey of creativity…


Limited Edition: Cherish


We love this time of year – it’s like a scene right out of holiday movie with Silver Bells as the soundtrack…”busy sidewalks, city sidewalks, dressed in holiday style”. The holidays are definitely in the air, and we are celebrating YOU!

Each year, we gather together to create handmade holiday cards for each and every customer. Included inside each card is a special sentiment stamp as our gift to you. We are continuing this year with creating a set that grows with your level of purchases – as your CSS stash of goodies grows, so does your Limited Edition Customer Appreciation stamp set.

Please note this set is not for sale. As you have made purchases online throughout the year, you have automatically qualified to receive the Limited Edition: Cherish sentiment. If you would like to know what tier you are currently, feel free to contact us {here}.

Are you new to Clear and Simple Stamps? Make your online purchase by December 31st to qualify for your Limited Edition: Cherish stamp set.

You may notice different variations of the Limited Edition: Cherish set as special designers share fun inspiration and ideas all month long. The variations of the set are based on your tier level of online purchases. Each set includes our base sentiment: “This is an Occasion to Cherish” and builds from there.

This includes:

  • $1 – 99 in online purchases
  • sentiment stamp



This includes:

  • $100 – 299 in online purchases
  • 2×3 stamp set



This includes:



This includes:



This includes:

  • over $1000 in online purchases
  • 4×8 stamp set plus word die
  • and an extra special surprise gift!
  • Coordinates with Banner Flags Dies



The Limited Edition: Cherish will start shipping on Dec 31st.
We appreciate each and every customer
and hope that you enjoy your special gift!


Design Team Inspiration


We absolutely adore the versatility of the Limited Edition: Cherish stamp set (and die). Joining us today are a couple CSS designers that have fun projects to share for a bit of added inspiration.


Visit with designer Lori Tecler for a sweet, love-themed ensemble.

Visit with designer Audrey Tokach for a cuddly cute baby-themed ensemble.


{CHERISH CARD SUPPLIES} STAMPS: Limited Edition: Cherish (not for sale), All Wrapped Up | INK: From An Anonymous Source (Watermark/Embossing), Perfect Little Black Dress, I’m a Princess Pink | CARDSTOCK: Perfect Little Black Dress, A Blanc Check | DIES: A4 Note Cards, A4 Envie + Liner | OTHER: Simple Adhesive, Designer Paper, Gold Embossing Powder