Clear aand Simple Stamps | Witch's Brew - #halloweenWho says Halloween has to be all orange, black, and white? We girly girls love to add a touch of sparkle and shine to every holiday as much as we possibly can, starting with our morning cup of tea! How cute are custom beverage cups embossed in M-01 | 24 Karat Gold? This is the perfect project to get our Halloween crafting mojo going in the CSS studio this week.

To create fun beverage cups it all starts with our signature Beverage Wrapper Combo dies. We absolutely love this set of dies! If you are a party planner, or simply love to entertain – this die set will come in very handy. You will pretty much want to create a custom beverage cup for every day of the week, every special occasion, and if for no other reason than purely just for fun…they are that awesome! To help get you started creating, we’ve included a few sample cups and lids in both the mini and regular size beverage cups as part of the Beverage Wrapper Combo dies.

Clear and Simple Stamps | Beverage Wrapper Combo - $35

When you have such adorable beverage cups on hand, you certainly need to dress up your tea bags with custom coordinating tea tags. Our Tea Tag die creates a super cute tag that you can quickly replace your standard tea tag for a more coordinated beverage experience.  That’s right…no longer is it just tea time, once you jazz things up with pretty paper and ink it becomes a “beverage experience”!

Clear aand Simple Stamps | Witch's Brew - #halloween

We even love this idea for a grown up trick-or-treat gifting idea. Create a set and fill each cup with a couple of tea bags for gifting. Moms will love to enjoy a spooky chic cup of tea after a long night of ghouls and goblins scouring the neighborhood for candy. After all, you’ll need something to help wash down the stash of candy confiscated while sorting through the spoils of your little one’s night of hard work.

Clear aand Simple Stamps | Witch's Brew - #halloween

Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and caldron bubble – even Shakespeare knew a good thing when he saw it! Shop this project [here] and create your own Witch’s Brew for a sipping good Halloween…

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