COLLECTION 9: the Holiday Collection

Gift giving just got way more exciting with the new stamps and dies in the Collection 9 release!

Throughout the week, we have been sharing a variety of new product and lots of crafty inspiration for making your holidays the prettiest ever with our Make it Pretty: Holiday Collection.

This entire collection is filled with stamps and dies that make gift giving a true work of art. We LOVE to give gifts, receive gifts, open gifts, share gifts…you get the picture. This release is dedicated to gift giving. In each series, you will find so many useful options that will carry you well beyond the holiday season.

It’s what’s on the inside that really counts…but making it super pretty on the outside sets the stage for an awesome gifting experience. Take gift giving to the next level with fun sentiments, creative dies, and clever packaging.


All Wrapped Up


Have a gift but don’t know what to say? Let gifting sentiments do the talking. Whether birthday, holiday, or just because – these sentiments are perfect for all sorts of gift giving occasions.



We love the versatility in this sentiment set.  You can dress up cards and packages for just about any event. Here we chose to create a fun, birthday themed card and favor.

We stamped the liner for the A4 Envie + Liner with confetti using the small, single dot images in the New Year Cheer stamp set. We repeated them again on the Mini Label Tag on the favor, and the sentiment was a perfect fit!


Gift Card Inset Dies


We are a huge fan of gift cards! They are a great gift when you’re in a hurry or for when you’d rather give the recipient the option to choose their own gift. But we’ve found that we didn’t always love the way you give gift cards, so we created this awesome die to add to our signature collection – the gift card inset.

Included in the die set are 3 different dies.  Two of them may look the same but they have a slight bit of a difference, which does come in handy!

On the left you have an option to create a gift card opening in which the card will be slightly exposed for the recipient to see. On the right you have more of a hidden style gift card opening, which keeps gift cards neatly tucked away.

The 3rd die is for creating an insert…fun for iou’s, DIY coupons, or to write a special message.

One special feature of the Gift Card Inset Dies that you should notice, is that the only portion that actually cuts is the opening for the gift card.  By having this unique feature, you can place a gift card opening almost anywhere!




Gift cards are always a welcomed treat! Why not dress them up with a fun sentiment or a nice insert to state the amount of the gift.



We mentioned that with the Gift Card Inset Dies you can practically place a gift card anywhere.  So we wanted to demonstrate just that! Here we dressed up a Build-a-Critter Owl card with a cozy warm scarf from the Build-a-Critter: Dress-Up and created a fun shape style gift card.

When you open the card it reveals a neatly tucked away gift card and special message.

Are you thinking of all the fun ways you can use this die to create gift card holders?! It truly is a sleek way to dress up a simple gift card.


File It: Kits


In Collection 8 we introduced Crafitization – an awesome series of stamps and dies dedicated to bringing crafting and organizing together and this new set is a perfect addition just in time for the holidays.



File It: Kits was created for dressing up those clever gifts given in bag, in a box, or in a jar! It set comes with a fab assortment of kit sentiments, holidays, and an index frame stamp.

We opted for a cutely stamped Muslin Bag to hold a Tea Lover’s Kit.

The tag was created with a combination of the Partial Tag Die and the Wrappers Die. (And yes, we may need intervention…you just might see the partial tag die quite a bit – consider yourself warned, it’s definitely a CSS Fave!)

With the index stamp fitting nicely onto the wrapper tag, we filled in the space with a sweet tea cup icon from Rag Doll: Tea Party and sentiments from the File It: Kits set.

Inside the bag holds a stamped tea tin using the Dare to be a Diva Red hybrid ink filled with loose leaf tea, a miniature jar of honey with a Tags 3 hang tag, and a wooden honey stirrer.

Put them all together and you have one Tea Lover’s Kit in a bag – another simple and fun gift for the holidays.


Party Favor 15


In our honest opinion, gifts should always come in cute packaging, which is another reason why we adore designing new and fun party favors!

At first glance Party Favor 15 looks like a pillow box…but it’s way better than just a pillow box.

Our signature design creates a front flap that tucks into the pillow box for a self closure to create a front-flap style pillow box. The flap can be a great place to add a sweet, hidden message, or dressed up with beautiful embellishments and more.

In fact, these fun favors are even Rag Doll approved direct from the North Pole! With just 39 more sleeps to go, Santa may find these favors as a go-to for stocking stuffers.

**You can see another beautifully decorated Party Favor 15 by clicking {here}


Alpha Tags


Add an exciting element to gifting this year by including personalized tags. Choose from A-Z, 0 -31, a trendy ampersand, or use the blank tag to create your own tags with any of the 60 tags included in the Alpha Tags set of dies.




The holidays are notorious for countdowns, advent calendars, and the like. For this fun project we created for the nightly celebration of Hanukkah.

We stamped and assembled (8) Party Favor 15 boxes and die cut tags for the numbers 1 thru 8. We also die cut eight blank tags to layer behind the number tags so that the stamped design on the favors would not show through.

The favors were filled with some chocolate gelt (candy coins), and other small treats for the holiday.

The best part about the tags…they can also be used as stencils, you can use the cut outs as alphabet dies, you can make mini banners, and with the blank tag you can add any greetings or embellishments that will fit the space.

You truly get several different ways to use the tags beyond just a tag – another fun way to Make It Pretty this holiday!


 We hope you have enjoyed the Gift Giving Series.
Collection 9 is available for purchase [here]

Thank you for joining us for the release, stay tuned for lots of fun happenings this month!


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Birthday Card + Envie: 1. A4 Note Card Dies | 2. A4 Envie + Liner Dies | 3. A Blanc Check Cardstock | 4. Party Favor 2 | 5. New Year Cheer | 6. Perfect Little Black Dress Ink | 7. My Style Blueprint Ink | 8. Rag Doll Carlie: Wish | 9. All Wrapped Up | 10. Mini Label Tags | 11. Dare to be a Diva Red Ink | 12. Golden Tiara Ink | 13. Leek-ed to the Press Ink | 14/ I’m a Princess Pink Ink | OTHER: Foam Tape, 1/4″ Simple Adhesive

Owl Gift Card: 1. Build-a-Critter: Owl/Kitty | 2. A Blanc Check Cardstock | 3. Perfect Little Black Dress Ink | 4. Build-a-Critter: Dress Up | 5. Simple Felt | 6. Gifted | 7. Gift Card Inset Dies | 8. Nutcracker Holiday | 9. Background Basics 4 | OTHER: Gift Card, Foam Tape, 1/4″ Simple Adhesive

Gift Card Inset Dies: 1. A Blanc Check Cardstock | 2. Gift Card Inset Dies | 3. Gifted |  OTHER: Gift Cards

Tea Lover’s Kit: 1. File It: Kit | 2. Rag Doll: Tea Party | 3. Tags 3 | 4. Partial Tag Dies | 5. Wrappers | 6. Muslin Bag | 7. Red/White Twine | 8. A Blanc Check Cardstock | 9. Dare to be a Diva Red Ink | 10. A Blanc Check Ink | 11. Dare to be a Diva Red Cardstock | OTHER: Wooden Honey Stirrer, Tea Tin, Loose Leaf Tea, Honey, Mini Honey Jar

Rag Doll Party Favor: 1. Party Favor 15 | 2. In the Limelight Cardstock | 3. Perfect Little Black Dress Ink | 4. Gifted | 5. Rag Doll House: North Pole | 6. Red/White Striped Ribbon | 7. Tags 1 |8. Gold/White Twine | Copic Trio Starter Kit | OTHER: 1/4″ Simple Adhesive, White Gel Pen

Hanukkah Favor: 1. Silver/White Twine | 2. Hanukkah | 3. A Blanc Check Cardstock | 4. My Favorite Blue Jeans Ink | 5. Party Favor 15| 6. Alpha Tags | 7. My Favorite Blue Jeans Cardstock | 8. Perfect Little Black Dress Ink | 9. Sterling Silver Ribbon |  OTHER: Chocolate Candy Coins, 1/4″ Simple Adhesive

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