COLLECTION 9: the Holiday Collection

Start with the basics this holiday season. Treat yourself to a few new goodies from Collection 9, which are certain to make your gifts cherished treasures that won’t end up in the re-gifting pile!

Throughout the week, we will be sharing a variety of new product and lots of crafty inspiration for making your holidays the prettiest ever with our Make it Pretty: Holiday Collection.

This entire collection is filled with stamps and dies that make gift giving a true work of art. We LOVE to give gifts, receive gifts, open gifts, share gifts…you get the picture. This release is dedicated to gift giving. In each series, you will find so many useful options that will carry you well beyond the holiday season.

With each collection we always bring you back to the basics. These are those absolute “must haves” that find their way into your crafty stash, and have you wondering how you ever managed to craft without them!


Oh My Stripes


Create with an over-sized background and small icons in variegated stripes.


Oh my do we love stripes! This bold, striped background in a soft and pretty pink set the stage for a Baby’s First Christmas gift.

The over-sized background covers the Party Favor 2 lid in one pass, and the Bow Trio: Mini comes together in a cinch due to our signature one-piece bow design.


Polaroid Frame Dies


Create a snapshot with these fun Polaroid Frame Dies. Included are two sizes, which works great in both small and large areas.

  • Polaroid Frame Dies {$22}
  • Includes (2) dies: small + large
  • Small Frame Measures 1.75″ x 2″
  • Large Frame Measures 3.25″ x 3.75″






Theses frames are very versatile! With a bit of clever die cutting you can quickly turn your frames into precious little tags, which will add such a personal touch to gift giving this year!


Alpha Wide


Create with a boxy, wide font for a modern design. Add interest with a few add-on images, and even create full sentiments.

  • Alpha Wide {$24}
  • Includes (36) stamps
  • Decorative stripes on vowels {aeiou}



Dress up your holiday cards with a decorative alphabet for fun, custom sentiments. Mix and match colors to play up the energetic vibe of the wide letters and add geometric icons for dimension.


Background Basics 4


This set offers (8) build-able background bars in graphic design styles that you will reach for time and time again. Images build top to bottom and left to right to create fabulous and seamless patterns.

  • Background Basics 4 {$24}
  • Includes (8) stamps
  • Each bar creates a seamless background that is repeatable on all four sides.


We can’t get enough of the Well Preserved Jars: Cocoa set.  When we think of warming up in the winter, not only does hot cocoa come to mind, but so do cozy sweaters and quilted blankets. The beautiful, repeating patterns in Background Basics 4 is the perfect match for a winter treat!

We started with die cutting a Pillow Box Liner and stamping two of the backgrounds in My Favorite Blue Jeans ink. Love that you can easily overlap and alternate to create a variety of designs.

A 2″ Clear Candy Bag packet of marshmallows and packet of hot chocolate are neatly placed inside the pillow box, with an cute cocoa jar tag and banner…”just add hot milk”.


Puzzle Die


Turn any crafty project into a puzzle. This die fits nicely into a standard A2 Envelope for easy mailing.

  • Puzzle Die {$16}
  • Includes (1) piece die
  • Assembles measures 4.25″ x 5.5″



If you love games, then this puzzle die will certainly get a workout in your craft room! In our family, we grew up on game night playing Scrabble, Yahtzee, Life, Monopoly, Uno, Crosswords, Where’s Waldo, Jenga, Trivial Pursuit…you name it, we played it!

But most of all we have lots of fond memories spent around figuring out jigsaw puzzles. This die cuts as one piece, with all the pieces still slightly connected.  This will allow you the ability to stamp, color, sponge, emboss – etc without having to keep up with all the pieces.

Once your puzzle is complete, you can tuck it into an A2 Envelope or you can break apart the pieces by hand or with scissors and place it into pretty packaging.

Since we are such a puzzle friendly family, it was only fitting to create a keepsake from my wedding to share with the hubby. Married in the Dominican Republic on a pier over the ocean, this was one of our favorite photos that was die cut to create a puzzle.

On the card two puzzle pieces were stamped with the heart image from Oh My Stripes in Dare to be a Diva Red ink. Each piece was outlined in a Multiliner Pen and a fun sentiment stamped below from Foodie Fun Sentiments.

A Clear Pillow Box holds all the pieces and a little polaroid tag with our picture. If you are wondering how the Polaroid Frame Die turned into the tag…be sure to check back this week – you will absolutely LOVE what’s to come!


 We hope you have enjoyed the Basics + Faves Series.
It is available for purchase [here]

Be sure to join us for more Collection 9 fun tomorrow!


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Love You Always: 1. Alpha Wide | 2. Build-a-Wreath: Winter | 3. Glamazon Green Ink | 4. Dare to be a Diva Red Ink | 5. I’m a Princess Pink Ink | 6. Shapes: Heart Combo  | 7. Perfect Little Black Dress Ink | 8. Well Preserved | 9. A Blanc Check Cardstock | OTHER: Foam Tape

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