COLLECTION 8: File It Series

We love paper…more than paper we love stationery! And are completely obsessed with packaging it up and gifting it to friends and family. Not to mention, that everyone that visits our crafty space tends to always have their eye on a card or two that they want to take home with them.

Of course we are happy to oblige. And the look on the recipient’s face when they ask “did you make this?” is priceless. It makes all the pining over where to place your sentiment, and your new sparkly carpet thanks to that bottle of glitter that tipped over and the cap wasn’t on tight, or the shear panic that ensues when you find out you only have one sheet left of your favorite designer paper all worth it!

With so much love poured into each design, it seems only appropriate that we dress our stationery in style with equally gorgeous packaging, create a system for filing away completed projects so they can be easily found, or even prettily prepping them for sale. The new File It: Stationery set was designed with all those options in mind and more…


With the File It: Stationery set, you can easily package sets in a professional and fun way.


You can never have enough “thank you” cards on hand. Just ask Hallmark – thank you cards are among the highest selling card category in their stores. But why buy when you can create a little piece of art from the heart using your paparcrafting supplies!

Our card set holds (10) note cards, so we chose a design that would be simple to mass produce with a little shimmer. Our envies have matching gold liners, which is reminiscent of a high end stationery card set.

When gifting full sets, we like to package them in clear boxes so the recipient can see what they are getting. With the File It: Stationery set, it’s great to be able to add custom labels to each card set. From the number of cards and envies included, if they are blank on the inside, to the type of cards included: holiday, birthday, thank you, etc.

The Wrappers dies coordinates perfectly to cut out a variety of label shapes to work with the File It: Stationery label index. You can even include coordinating tags, or address labels and postage, as we did for this set of cards.

Now when family and friends tell you that “you could sell your cards” – creating packaging will be a breeze. Here is a list of CSS supplies to get you started organizing your stationery:

 We hope you you have enjoyed the up close look at the File It Series,
and are excited to see more of the the Collection 8 release.
The full collection reveal begins Sept 3rd, until then Happy Labor Day!

 The File It Series is now available for purchase [here]



1. Writer’s Desk | 2. Natural Cotton Twine | 3. File It: Stationery | 4. Stationery Organizer Dies | 5. Glassine Bags | 6. Wrappers Dies | OTHER: Perfect Little Black Dress Ink, A Blanc Check Cardstock, Stationery Box, Kraft Like a Rockstar Cardstock


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