Let’s talk color. What is your favorite color? Or are you like us and you have lots of favorites? Our color of choice changes with the seasons, the mood of the day, or can sometimes be influenced by current color trends – we have our friends at Pantone to thank for that!

We started release week with the File It Series basics (here). So today we are adding in one of our most favorite design elements…you guessed it – color! As you can see, even our crafty snacks want in on the color coordinating fun.

When working with color its a good idea to create a system for having swatches of each color that you can keep close by on your desk or in something portable that is easy to take with you. Now remember, we forewarned you that you will be reaching for the Stationery Organizer Dies quite often, they are just that much fun to work with and create the perfect solutions for craftization!

When designing stamps for the File it Series, we knew our need for color coding would be front and center and we set out to create a stamp set specifically for organizing color. And with a full line of color-coordinated Hybrid Inks, Cardstock, Ribbon, Gift Wrap and Envelopes we couldn’t resist creating an exclusive stamp set dedicated to organizing your Clear and Simple Stamps signature colors as well…

With (46) colors in the Clear and Simple Stamps color line, creating a CSS Color Guide was a welcomed project. The cover is a random sampling of colors stamped with the small rectangle filler image from the File It: Color set.

Each color is represented as an index card, and is accompanied with a color legend index. This way we know which colors have coordinating products to help build out our designs. The full index card of cardstock is there for those times when you need a larger swatch to get a true sense of how the color will translate into a project.  It’s just like getting those adorable little paint chip squares, only to come home and after the first wide brush stroke realize it’s just not the right shade. A larger swatch gives you a better sense of the true color.

So many of our images can be colored with markers, we added the coordinating Copic Marker colors to take the guess work out of matching our colors with markers. Of course you can use this with any of your alcohol ink markers, we happen to prefer Copics.

We honestly don’t know how we managed without this crafty tool before now! Every CSS color name is included in the File It: CSS Color set, which allows you to create with a very uniform and professional look. And this goes for more than creating a color guide. With several different combinations of indexes and label sentiments you can design a wide variety of color inspired organization.

Here we used File It: Color to stamp die cut labels with a color combo index, you can pre-stamp the labels and have them ready to go whenever a new color combo comes to mind. To fill them in we used our CSS Hybrid inks to add the color, and also to stamp the color name from File It: CSS Color.

Feeling ready to color coordinate your stash? The File It Series is now available for purchase [here]. You can create your own color organizing systems with the new File It Series. Whether you are creating color charts, cataloging color combos, or making CSS color swatches – the possibilities are incredibly fun and functional!


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  1. steph
    steph says:

    Now this is a great way to organize color. You can easily flip thru your rolodex to see what the ink color looks like on paper without having to search for some scrap paper. Nice!

    • admin
      admin says:

      @Steph – we love it when function can always serve as office decor, so glad you like!

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