COLLECTION 7: Bespoke Series

Are you ready for the Collection 7 Day 3 release? We sure hope so – lots more fun goodies are in the line up and we can’t wait to share them with you! Let’s get started with the third reveal day for the new Collection 7 release…


Bespoke Series


If you are new to Clear and Simple Stamps releases, we pack in a ton of new inspiration each and every day.  Release days carry a theme, and today we are introducing the {Bespoke Series} – which essentially means “made to order”. We hope today’s release will definitely inspire you to create custom, CSS stamped masterpieces…

  • Writer’s Desk {$24}
  • Includes (41) stamps
  • This set has a vintage style typewriter alphabet


You can never go wrong with a notebook page image. We paired it with the fun text banner for a bold focal point. And added a simple sentiment…


  • Writer’s Desk Too {$24}
  • Includes (25) stamps
  • This set has a repeatable punctuation background, a decorative banner, holiday icons, and much more


We love that this background repeats. It makes covering larger areas very easy to do. With such a fun background we opted for a cute and simple word bubble…


  • Alpha Monogram {$72}
  • Includes (91) stamps
  • Due to the size, this set consists of (3) sets:
    • Set 1 of 3: A – L
    • Set 2 of 3: M – X
    • Set 3 of 3: Y, Z, and icons

There is so much to love about this set. It is very versatile, and definitely an alphabet you will reach for often! Here we created custom monogrammed soap bars with our clear stamps. These make great gifts…

The mini version is also great for smaller areas…


This fun set of leaves can create a variety of designs. Here we used it to ground our Happy Birthday sentiment…



We love sets that build! This is one of MANY options you can create. The fun is discovering a new way to layer…




And we continue with fun layering options for summer. Since we are located in Maryland, it was only natural to opt for a nautical themed card…


As we continue with the seasons, the fall set has a fab mix of leaves, wheat, vines, and twigs for a lovely rustic look…


And we couldn’t forget winter with its boughs of holly and mistletoe, and big beautiful wreath bows…

We hope you have enjoyed Day 3 of the Collection 7 release! Below are peeks from our designers, who have some exciting projects to share with you!

 The Bespoke Series is now available for purchase [here]


Design Team Inspiration



Visit with the CSS Design Team for more Bespoke Inspiration…
Be sure to join us tomorrow for Collection 7 Release Day 4!


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  1. steph
    steph says:

    Eek, love the masking of the banner on the note stamp. Those numbers on the banner are the best. 😉 Shut up to the soap! I gotta get my soap making molds out asap! And the wreaths….. can’t wait to play with all the different combinations!!

  2. Tracy
    Tracy says:

    Ack- again with the monogrammed soap!!!! I still have the instructions you emailed me last time. MUST make this one day.

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