Enjoy a snowy day

Can you imagine yourself inviting all your girlfriends away for a ski retreat weekend? Well now you have the perfect set to create everything you need to plan your ski weekend. Just be sure to send an invite our way – we are always up for a girls’ trip!

Now it truly is a skill to look fabulous and race down the slopes bundled up in padded nylon and goggles, but our Ski Darling manages to pull it off with ease.

ThBM-SkiDarling-1at may have something to do with how wonderfully styled she is in Beth’s Ski Darling projects. We were wowed with the creativity in this little ornament.

Can’t you totally picture this as a special reminder from your ski weekend with your bestest girlfriends?

Want to see more Ski Darling samples?

Click here for more design team ideas in the gallery.

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