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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Style Watch issue for a special edition. This issue we are taking a moment for you to get an exclusive peek into the Clear and Simple Stamps CSS Daily App!

We know all too well the desire to find inspiration. With the CSS Daily App you can give yourself a boost of creativity right from your mobile device through iTunes on the iPhone/iPad/or iPod Touch. Join us for a tour of the first papercrafting app of its kind with a behind the scenes look into the CSS Daily App. We will highlight key features, and answer a few “frequently asked questions” along the way…


{SW} Behind the Scenes: Message from the Owners


We are taking a break from standard release week festivities to share fun projects that will teach you a bit more about the wonderful products available at Clear and Simple Stamps.  Many of you are very familiar with our stamps and dies, and over the next few weeks you will learn more about our App, coordinating accessories, and a few fabulous new additions to the CSS product line.

In order to continue to bring you fun and innovative products, we are taking the month of September off to do a little fall upkeep and inventory.  Orders will ship as normal, and releases will resume next month. Until then, let’s take a look behind the scenes of the CSS Daily App and then have fun with some free downloads we’ve created for your mobile devices!


{SW} Behind the Scenes: CSS Daily App


The CSS Daily App was launched in March 2010. The app currently includes just under 1,000 projects in the archives, and is growing as a new project is published each and every day .

To start, you will download the CSS Daily App from iTunes by clicking here.

There is a one-time $4.99 fee associated with the App. It’s similar to the price of purchasing a papercrafting magazine or book, that continues to provide you with new inspiration every day. There are no renewal fees, and the app purchase is non-refundable.

Once purchased, your mobile device will load the CSS Daily App icon to your home screen.

The app is only compatible with Apple products {iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch}. Alternate platforms such as the Droid are being taken into consideration.

To launch the app, select the CSS Daily App icon. This will bring you to the app’s main page. For first time users of the App a pop-up window will appear with a short introduction. For return users, the app will open to the last page visited on the app.

Each project page will showcase a Project Title, the Designer’s Name, and Images of the project.  You can scroll up and down to see additional views of the project.

To learn how to create the project, select the “i” button, which stands for information.

Under the “i” button you will find a thumbnail of the main image, project title, designer name, step-by-step instructions, and a supply list.

To view the instructions, simply scroll down to view. For a list of supplies, expand the supply list by tapping on the down arrow. You can expand or hide the supply list in the “i” view.

While in the “supply list” you will notice gray arrows off to the right of the screen.  The gray arrows indicates that product is available for purchase from the Clear and Simple Stamps store.

By tapping on the gray arrow you will be taken to the store securely, where you can shop without ever leaving the app. Keep in mind that the store does access the internet so it may take an extra second or two to load the page, as with any internet browser.

To return to the app, select the back arrow button until you are back on the main project page.

Once back on the main project page you can also view the App projects by daily listings in the list view. Along the top gray navigation bar you see three lines off to the right. Here you can tap for the list view and see each project for every day of that month.

This is a great way to view missed projects at-a-glance.  You can select any project in the list view to bring up to the main page.

Select your project of choice to view. The main project page will open, you can select the “i” for all the project information. You can also add the project to your “Favorites Folder” if it is a project you enjoy or plan to give a try, by selecting the heart symbol with the plus sign.

Once selected the plus sign will disappear and this indicates that this project is now one of your favorites.

You can view your favorites by selecting the “Favs” tab on the bottom navigation bar.You will know you are in your Favorites Folder as the name will appear at the top of the screen. Feel free to organize your favorites by selecting the “edit” button you can rearrange the order that your favorites appear in the list.

To select a favorite project to view, simply tap the thumbnail of the project.

You can select the “i” button for more information on the project, the back button to return to your favorites list, or the feature tap on the bottom navigation to go back to the main page.

You may have noticed the sample in our favorites is from April 1, 2011.  Earlier we shared how you can view each day of the month in the list view. Next we will share how to view each month in the list view. The beauty here is that you can go back to the beginning of the App and view each project starting from 2010!

While on a main project page, select the list view from the top, right navigation bar. You will proceed to the list view for that particular month. To view a different month, tap the date in the gray navigation bar up top, and this will collapse the list view to a list of months categorized by year. Scroll down to see 2011, and 2010.

Once you have selected a month you would like to view, the daily list will expand with thumbnails of each day’s project. Select the project you want to view by tapping on the thumbnail.

Another fun way to view previous projects, without going to the “list view”, is to swipe between months. Slide your finger across the screen either forward or backwards to see the previous or next day’s project.

If you don’t have time to view by list or swipe, you can easily find inspiration through the “Search” feature.

Select the “Search” button on the bottom navigation bar, type in your keywords, and select the blue search button on your keyboard. Your search will return with any projects that contain your keyword(s). Hit the cancel button to reveal the full search.

Scroll down to view your search results and select a project that you would like to give a try.

Once you have had a chance to enjoy the CSS Daily app, click on the “More” button along the bottom right navigation bar.

Here you can share with your friends about the CSS Daily App via twitter facebook, and email. After all, you could very well see your own CSS projects published on the app and would love to tell your friends to check out your work on CSS Daily (click here for how to submit for App Publication).

Or you may have a group of crafty friends that you know, who would also enjoy downloading the CSS Daily App.  You can easily share the link to the app by going through the more tab. There you can also follow us on twitter, like us on facebook, and rate the app in iTunes.

And of course we saved the best feature for last – the “Today” button! Click on the “today” button to always see the current days project. Of course you’ll have to download the app to see more….

Visit with designer Denise January for a super cute sneak peek at today’s project

Keep your iPhones handy!
We have a super fun project and a free download to share below!


{SW} Behind the Scenes Project: iPhone Case Inserts


Where would we be without out our mobile phones, mp3 players, and tablet devices? They’ve become so much of a part of our daily lives, that we feel its time that they reflect our creative side. And since we can talking about Apps and iPhones, we are sharing a fun download to help you transform your iPhone into a papercrafted work of art!

{click to download}

Download this fun PDF file to create you own custom inserts.

Here is the insert in action, we just love how easy it is to change your style with a simple change of covers. From graphic monograms, to monochromatic floral…..the options are endless.

The design team has had so much fun creating their own case inserts. Be sure to visit with each designer for more inspiration:

Stephany Zerbe

Dana Grothaus

Jennifer Rzasa

Jaclyn Miller

Lori Tecler

Amber Kemp-Gerstel

Thanks for joining our “Behind the Scenes” peek at the CSS Daily App.
Check us out on facebook for more fun…



STAMPS: Kind Deeds, Baby Sentiments, Wrappers, Alpha Bold, Background Basics 1

INK: Orange You Fabulous, Perfect Little Black Dress

PAPER: A Blanc Check

OTHER: Sticky Notes, Case Insert Template


Visit the Style Watch for more Product Highlights.


8 replies
  1. Jessica Monte
    Jessica Monte says:

    Oh I love this Idea I don’t have an I phone yet but I am waiting for the Iphone 5s to come out . SO I am excited about the clear case and designing me the way that I want. Thank you for the free download. I will be getting your app.

    • admin
      admin says:

      @Catherine – the inserts slide inside of a clear case that attaches to the iPhone. Hope that is helpful….thanks!

  2. Laura F.
    Laura F. says:

    I’ve never seen a case for iPhone with the rubberized sides, and a clear back cover like that one… can you let us know what brand/style that is?

    • Admin2
      Admin2 says:

      @Laura – the case is by Griffin, and you can find them at a local Best Buy type of store or online. They come in both black siding with clear or white siding with clear.

  3. Lynn
    Lynn says:

    I got mine at Wal-Mart. It is by Skinit. It was around $20 or so, and includes one free skin that you can choose from their website.

    • admin
      admin says:

      @Amy – glad you are enjoying the iPhone template. We are currently updating to offer a PDF for the iPhone 5. We can be certain to email once it is available. Thank you!


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