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We interrupt your regularly scheduled Style Watch issue for a special edition. This issue we are taking a moment for you to get to know Clear and Simple Stamps design team member, Laurie Willison.

Laurie is a SAHM mom and part time RN at a local clinic in her area. She has been scrapbooking for years but started stamping in 2007. She recently won PC magazine’s Stamping Royalty contest, and when you see her project today you we instantly know why! Laurie credits stamping as her stress reliever and that she is hopelessly addicted…

Laurie’s Blog: Soapbox Creations


{SW} Behind the Scenes: Laurie Willison


CSS: Hi Laurie! Thanks for joining us.  Let’s jump right in.  We are huge fans of your blog. For those who have not had the awesome experience to see your work, describe your stamping style for us?

LAURIE: Thanks. My style is mostly CAS, which is clean and simple stamping. But I do love all styles of card making.

CSS: CAS is not always as easy as it looks, right? If you could give 3-5 basic rules of CAS-style stamping, what would they be?

LAURIE: Rule #1 would be…don’t be afraid of white space!  I love a simple card where the image and sentiment, combined with white space, pack a big punch.  Rule #2 would be don’t over think it.  Once you have your card laid out, just go with it.  The more you stare, the more you add.  Sometimes that is ok but sometimes simple is good.  Rule #3 is about placement.  I like to cut the card in 4ths, and then center my image accordingly.  I am a very “off to the side” type card maker, although I love symmetry.  Rule #4…when all else fails, add bling!  This could be pearls or even good ole’ stickles! Bling makes everything better!

CSS: Agreed – we love a little bling too. You also give a bunch of great tips and organizational ideas on your blog – What helps keep you organized with all your supplies?

LAURIE: Well, I keep everything grouped together and then organized that way.  All of my paper is together by color, from the full size sheets, to card sizes and then scraps.  My stamps are organized by company so I know right where to grab.  Everything has a home and if its not there, I don’t work as well.  So a clean work space works best for me.  Don’t get me wrong….it looks like a tornado went through by the time I am done! {Laughs}

CSS: I think we can all totally relate. Once you are settled in your crafting comfort zone and you are ready to create, does social media play a role on how you create?

LAURIE: Social media is a huge part of paper crafting.  Blog surfing, Pinterest, Twitter…you can find amazing color combos, challenges, inspiration from other card makers and even scrapbookers.  Paper crafting inspiration is everywhere.  I was even inspired by a lady sitting in front of me in church once.  It was a great color combo she was wearing!

CSS: Even in church – love it! Which social media is your favorite?

LAURIE: Pinterest is probably my favorite.  I love to see what cards people are pinning and can even find sketchs and color combos.  Thanks to my iPhone apps, I can find all kinds of inspiration.  The CSS Daily App is another great place!  Its fun to see what and who is being published each day!

CSS: As a published designer on the CSS Daily App, what do you enjoy most about the app?

LAURIE: I love having the surprise each day of a new card.  You can add cards to your “favs” and they are always there at your fingertips!  It is fun to have a real paper crafting app on my phone!

CSS: We’ve kicked off the year with a huge release, share a little peek at what should be expected from CSS in 2012?

LAURIE: I am going to say we should expect great things for 2012 – I love the direction things are going with all the coordinating stamp sets and die cuts! Each collection is so exciting.  This latest release was incredibly inspiring for me.  I haven’t stopped creating little critter creations and have lots more to share on my blog.

CSS: Like we said before, we are huge fans of your blog Soapbox Creations, as I am sure many others are too.  So glad you could join us today and chat.  Let’s take a peek at your super fun project you have today…


{SW} Behind the Scenes: Inspiration Style Board


I totally love these new Party Favors.  I know they are going to get a lot of use at my house!  This little Teacher Favor is the first thing I made when I got my design team box in the mail.  After I cut the box, I instantly thought…those handle pop outs look like apple slices!  I was so happy to find a leaf stamp in the Taglines: Critters set that looked perfect for the seeds. I just layered them with red cardstock and hand cut each apple peel.  Then of course I had to make a matching card.  To cut the white apples I just took small scraps of white cardstock from other Party Favors (that I am sure you will see pop up on my blog), this way nothing gets wasted.  It worked perfectly!

*all style board images {pinterest}


{SW} Behind the Scenes: Teacher Favor


Instructions and additional project images can be found on my blog: Soapbox Creations

Project uses Taglines + Thank You (limited edition) + Taglines:Critters + Party Favor 1


Visit the Style Watch for more creative + crafty inspiration for your next project


8 replies
  1. steph zerbe
    steph zerbe says:

    I totally dig your CAS style. Thanks for all the tips and insight. I agree, don’t be afraid of white space. I like your process and advice about ‘the more you stare, the more you add’. So true. I need to learn when to walk away. Great interview. Love the clever use of the die cut leftover that is normally discarded. I can’t wait to see the next party favor!!

  2. Audrey Tokach
    Audrey Tokach says:

    So great learning more about you… you already know I am a huge fan! 🙂 I am so excited to know that there are more critter ideas coming on your blog. LOVE the teacher favor box today… adding that to my wishlist too! 😉

  3. Virginia L.
    Virginia L. says:

    What a FABULOUS interview! Laurie’s talent really shine through in her beautiful work and this interview! Love this treat box!

  4. Kathy Mc
    Kathy Mc says:

    Great interview, Laurie, and do love your CAS style. Happy to know more about you and thank you for your four basic rules to follow to keep it simple. Your treat box is adorable!

  5. Beth Matson
    Beth Matson says:

    Great interview and I love the apple card and favor. I was making favors this weekend too and looking at the cutout piece from the handle but didn’t see an apple slice. I’d better dig those pieces back out. Thanks!


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